The Four Powers

The four reasons that Elmbridge is such a large and important city, also are the reasons why the power in Elmbridge is divided.

The political importance of the city causes there to be a large number of powerful government officials residing in her. They tend to be well funded, sly, ambitious, and powerful – each having their own private intelligence network and security force. These officials and their agents form what is generally referred to as The State. The highest official in The State in Elmbridge is Mayor Hormtul.

The strategic importance of Elmbridge requires that the king station a large garrison of his army here. The army is well trained and tightly regulated. They are well funded, do their jobs well, and tend to stay out of trouble. These are men paid by the national tax who are often far from home and spend much of their freetime in bars and brothels. Together, the guards, commanders, intelligence, cooks, and quartermasters make up The King’s Army. The Highest Ranking commander of the King’s Army in Elmbridge is General Silvan.

Because Elmbridge is considered the Holy City by the followers of Faerun, the church has a large presence there. The church teaches its followers to be industrious, chivalrous, and generous. The church’s clergymen tend to personify those values and abhor laziness, bullying, and stinginess in others. The clergy, along with all the resources under their care, are known as The Church of Faerun. The Church in Elmbridge is led by High Priest Atunduer.

Finally, the vibrant wealth and and size of Elmbridge has bred a very active criminal network. This network was eventually united and became unofficially governed by a man and his associates who called themselves The Family of Blood. Their Family’s leaders have always been quite religious and support the Church of Faerun. They maintain a certain degree of order amongst the thieves, murderers, pickpockets, and swindlers of the city, as well as brokering and orchestrating the illegal slave trade in and through the city. The self-proclaimed leader of the Family is Cardinale.

The Four Powers

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