The Church of Faerun

Church of faerun

  • Chivalry
  • Industry
  • Generosity

These are the guiding principles that adherers to Faerun’s faith are to live by. Faerun’s gospel is a practical one: work hard, give freely, defend the defenseless. All of the clergy of the Church of Faerun have professions; none live entirely on the alms of the church.

Because Elmbridge is the Holy City of Faerun, followers of Faerun must make a pilgrimage to the church in Elmbridge at least once a decade. Those with the means are expected to do so much more often. As a result the church in Elmbridge is incredibly wealthy and powerful. The leader, High Priest Atunduer, and the other clergymen have a great deal of sway over the common man’s opinions and beliefs. Thus, politicians and other agents of the state will go far out of their way to win the approval or even a kind word from members of the clergy.

The church’s great wealth allows them to give generously in support of the city and citizens of Elmbridge. Many of the city’s roads, fortifications and other military operations, medical care, beautification, and other public works are funded in full or in part by the church. Because of this, the military is greatly indebted to the church’s financial support.

The Church of Faerun

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