The Decay of Elmbridge

Adventure Log May 27, 2011
Adams Journal

Things won’t be like they always have been I’m afraid, this isn’t the normal team, this is something nightmares make you feel good falling asleep to at night. But I’ll have my sister, brother and friend to look after. Forgive the lack of details of this entry, I feel uneasy writing this, other eyes with a vendetta against me would do well to have this in hand.

It was late, 4 days ago when we walked into the bar, the man looked old but has hard as nails I didn’t know what he was after, I think this is just a test, I wonder how we did. Regardless he asked us to talk to an old homeless man sitting outside a few doors down Felix and my brother did a good job getting information out of him. Waste of a coin in my mind though, Felix could have saved that for something else. The, person, we were looking for, had a problem the Homeless man said. A “sensitive” area, boy did he get that right. I’ve seen a lot of messed up stuff on old beggars ally, but this is something screwy.

We followed our man out into a dark ally, but my sister, my little sister, sometimes its weird how she works, one moment shes blood thirsty the next shes hiding in the shadows. Regardless we weren’t able to get away from the man, he heard us. I knew Carlos should have left, I wanted to go, but him and his pretty mouth of his, so persistent that one. This man had the upper hand out on, Carlos was being too quick with what he was saying. Scared the guy is what he did. We should have never had that encounter.

He came to the bar again the next night, I wasn’t aware Carlos was going to the bar, I was hiding on the rooftops with Felix, I, The man came. He came with two other men, from what Carlos told me they took him upstairs, beat him. I haven’t seen a body look like that since I can’t remember when. Arlandrea found him first, we couldn’t do anything, my brother was dying. I needed to be there with him

Felix did a good job though, sending his men out looking for him after that night where Carlos and I made our encounter with the monster. We need information, and we were short on time. Felix got me out of bed and we went to the docks, we got the information we needed but it wasn’t enough, we needed to trap this man and control him like our puppet.

We found him in the slums, he was all alone, well, there were two other people with him. I didn’t know how to go about with this man, a man some would respect, but others, if they knew what he did, wished he was dead.

This is where I can’t explain things in great detail. We found what we were looking for, we got the men for the job. I’m not sure what Battiatus has been up to. We managed the job, it was easy money for sure.

But our money comes with blood, our nightmares will become reality. There is a shadow creeping on this city. Will I be a coward and sit as it happens? Or a man and fight for my survival.

Adventure Log
Our campaign's journal

Today, as you were just returning to your home after a meager supper at the nearby pub, you found a note in your pocket that was marked with a Delta’s strange symbol in bright red ink. The symbol is two adjacent Deltas (the greek letter), one upright the other inverted. Inside the note is written the following message,

Hail, Honor to you. You have gained the notice of Delta. This is the path to glory, wealth, and power.
Go to the Old Hog at the eleventh hour tonight. Find Battiatus. Complete the task he assigns you, and you will be an agent of Delta. Tell no one. Destroy this note immediately.
If you fail in your assignment, or fail to follow any of these instructions, you will have made an enemy of Delta. Delta has no living enemies.

Delta symbol


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