The Decay of Elmbridge

Adventure Log

Our campaign's journal

Today, as you were just returning to your home after a meager supper at the nearby pub, you found a note in your pocket that was marked with a Delta’s strange symbol in bright red ink. The symbol is two adjacent Deltas (the greek letter), one upright the other inverted. Inside the note is written the following message,

Hail, Honor to you. You have gained the notice of Delta. This is the path to glory, wealth, and power.
Go to the Old Hog at the eleventh hour tonight. Find Battiatus. Complete the task he assigns you, and you will be an agent of Delta. Tell no one. Destroy this note immediately.
If you fail in your assignment, or fail to follow any of these instructions, you will have made an enemy of Delta. Delta has no living enemies.

Delta symbol


As Adam looks at the note the first thing he fears is his colorblindness! “It says bright red ink, maybe Battiatus will know what to do! For I surely read this as a silver color.”
“Are you done reading your love note? Get back over here I’ve got something to show you…”

Adventure Log
Chase_Brandstone Chase_Brandstone

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