Elmbridge city

Elmbridge is an incredibly large and prosperous city of over 250,000 citizens. There has ever been a struggle for control of the city since there are four potent centers of power: the church, the state, the military, and “The Family of Blood” – an organization who seeks to bring order to the city but bolsters its strength and funding through some rather questionable means.

These four entities have been jockeying for power for a century, with each holding the others in tension so well that none has been able to gain complete control over the city. The Family has been able to procure protection from within the courts and the legal offices, who are in turn backed by the military. The military has the support of the church while the church is, surprisingly, defended quite faithfully by The Family’s long arm. This confusing system of support and backing has been what has kept the power so balanced in Elmbridge for so long.

Unknown to most of the population, there is a secret league that operates in Elmbridge. Few know about it and even fewer know its function, aims, or capabilities. Many of the most successful thieves know of the society and hope to gain entry. No one quite knows how to gain the league’s favor. Today, you have.
(See the Adventure Log for the rest of the story!)

The Decay of Elmbridge

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